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Tires slow leak - Fix-A-Flat and Slime

Old thread but inner tubes have been used for years on “two piece riveted” and “wire wheel” rims without problems and seem to last almost forever BUT you need to find the correct inner tube and someone who still knows how to properly mount them. i.e. Someone with the arcane knowledge who knows to “Dust the tube with French Chalk before mounting”.

But by the time you get through the time and expense, for a few bucks more you could simply buy a new tire and have it done right.

Also says it’s a temporary fix and tire should be taken to a tire shop for proper repair at your earliest convenience for a permanent repair.

Two years is enough to cause corrosion to eat through a wheel.

Your tire changer will absolutely HATE you for using Slime. That stuff makes a mess.

A few years ago, I replaced a set of 4 tires on one of our fleet’s trucks

Anyways, one of the tires was filled with slime . . . and I found out the hard way, because nobody thought to inform me

I had to waste quite a bit of time cleaning everything up . . . I had to clean the tire machine, had to clean the floor, and I had to take the rim to the area where we hose off equipment. And hosing it off wasn’t enough. I actually had to scrub it off, as well

Slime also can damage tpms sensors . . . though for reasons unknown to me some guys will argue that it’s not true :confused:

No argument from me.

How could it NOT damage TPMS sensors!!

That has me shaking my head… :roll_eyes:

I used Slime once on my falken tire. It worked just fine. I went to the nearest repair shop the next day. I warned the mechanic because I know it is a messy task. Maybe I would use slime again in an emergency.

Supposedly, it’s water soluble and so will not damage the sensor but is likely to obstruct the port thereby rendering it inoperative until it is cleaned. The other caveat is that, being a temporary repair, it should be removed as soon as possible and a proper repair applied. I wonder how many people actually follow those instructions? Long term, if it hardens in the sensor port, that will permanently damage it.