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Slow leak in tire (pin hole)

2005 BMW X5 3.0i

About 2 weeks ago, my rear tire started leaking and I found a small metal piece that was stuck. I’ve done many repairs with nails and screws but this metal piece was a bit odd shaped. But I did it the same way using tire plug kit. Today my tire pressure is low and upon foam testing, there’s tiny slow leak at where I repaired. I’m hesitant to use the tire plug kit again for which I need to basically create a hole. Should I just use Slime Sealant?

If you really want to repair it properly–using the method that is approved by tire manufacturers–you need to have the tire taken off the rim, and to have it patched from the inside. The best approach is to use a combination patch/plug that is applied from the inside.

Should I use Slime Sealant ? If you have Tire pressure monitors the answer is No.
Have a tire shop look at it because this may be beyond plugging.

If you use the Slime Sealant, it will throw off the tire’s balance. It happened to me a few years ago. Maybe a mechanic or tire specialist can patch it from the inside, then re-balance it to compensate for the patch.

Ok, definitely no sealant

Just take it to the tire store and have it properly patched with a boot on the inside and the plug. About $20. Forget the slime and doing it yourself.

Bing: That is exactly what I would have done. Long ago when I no longer had access to a well equipped shop I reduced my DIY automotive projects to near zero. I have no regrets.