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Tires - Replace 195s with 205s

I’m purchasing a Mini Clubman-S and plan to replace the 195 run flats. Is it a problem to replace with 205s?


Maybe yes, maybe no. Any well-written Owner’s Manual will list acceptable “alternate tire sizes”. Hopefully, the Mini manual has this information.

Alternatively, if you go to the Tire Rack website, you can determine what tire sizes are feasible/acceptable for that car.

Good tip on Tire Rack. I doubt there will be any problem.

Really depends.

Will they fit without rubbing?? Probably, but you never no.

If you live in snow country…you’d be better off with the 195’s as they’ll have better traction in the snow then the 205’s (all other things being equal).

As Mike points out, they will be slightly less effective in snow. Also they will give you slightly less mileage and may cause some minor error in the odometer and or speedometer.

Are the proposed 205s non-run-flats? If so, they may take a different rim than the run-flats. Check before you buy.

There are a few problems with this. First since your car came with run flats means no spare tire. So if you plan on going to regular tire means if you blow out a tire you need a tow truck. Second since you have run flats you have TPMS sensors in your car. If you change from a 195 to a 205 you might get a false TPMS sensor light going off on your dash. The reason this will happen is because if you have a 195/60r15 the 60 is 60% of 195 which equals 117. Going to a 205/60r15 makes the sidewall 123. The different sizes will mean different diameters of tires not just widths

The TPMS system doesn’t care what size the tires are. It just senses pressure, AFAIK. At least the one in my Pacifica works that way.

No problem.
I put 205/55R16 tires on my Mini. They work great.

Even if it’s one of the systems that uses the wheel speed sensors it would just need to be reinitialized.

The Mini is a subculture of its own. I’m willing to bet that there are Mini forums, clubs, and websites, pethaps even Mini-specific magazines, that can provide toms of good onformation on tire & wheel options and their effects.

There are 2 different types of TPMS sensor systems direct and indirect. Indirect uses the rpms of the tire vs wheel speed to determine at low tire. Low tire pressure= smaller circumfrence= tire spinning faster than normal to keep same speed as fully inflated tire. The direct systems tell you exactly the tire pressure in the tire.

Depends whether it is a direct TPMS or indirect TMPS.

For a direct system, it will only read pressure. For an indirect system, as long as all tire sizes are the SAME, the TMPS system won’t care.