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Tires how does Federal tire Rate

I just bought a set of Federal tires, they were about 245.00 for all 4 plus disposal. I was going to ask my tire guy but he thinks everything is junk except what he sells. They are on a 93 Taurus.

I know that they are made in Taiwan, which is probably much better than if they were made in mainland China, but I don’t really know anything specific about that brand other than their country of origin. If you do a Google search with the specific model number/name of those tires, you should be able to find some opinions from others who have bought that tire.

However–and I ask this with all due respect–Wouldn’t it be better to find out about the ratings of these tires prior to purchase, rather than after you purchased them?

The summer tires on my Accord are Federal Super-Steels. They seem to ride and handle pretty well, though I suppose you’d know that part already, and I just switched them off after maybe 6,000 miles or so and they seem to be wearing fairly evenly and not too severely.

Federal also makes a really good heavier-duty light-truck tire that I’ve known a lot of people who’ve been extremely happy with, so at least some of their tires are good.

Water under the bridge, let us know how they fair.

Thank you I’ll check the internet also, and yes I should have checked first but I needed them that day because one of my old ones split and one separated, so I just went to a old friends shop and said do me up inexpensive, and thats what I got.

Thanks for the comment, I like them so far but they didnt seem to be the best looking tire but if theyre safe for the family and last a few years… I’m happy.

True True… so far so good, I’ll post again when it’s time to rotate.

Tires and brakes are two areas where it’s not wise to cheap out on. I would rather pay $245 per tire and know that I’m getting a well known tire that has good reputation than $245 for a set of tires that I know nothing about, haven’t heard of, and were obviously built to a price.

I agree with that. My Michelin tires were almost $100 per tire, but they’ve been worth it

Shouldn’t you have asked this question BEFORE you bought the tires?

check 'em out here: