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Tires, front-end or 4x4 issues

hey I recently purchased a 95’ gmc 1500 4x4 pu thats been sitting for 2yrs (i was told) that has 70k miles. Problem is at low speeds 20-40ish it shakes and when driving it it you get the sensation the driver side wheel will pop off. I was advised that it is flat spots on the tires, however, after looking at the wheels I’m still suspicious that something else is going on here. At freeway speeds its fine no shacks rattles or hums, again at low speed it shacks/vibrates/bounces. If anyone can share there thoughts or shed some light on this. Not familiar with 4x4’s
thanks all

There is a plethora of things at work. Half shafts and cv joints, an extra differential, a transfer case…all have sat for two years. Generally most problems with front end 4 wd components is from LACK of use. Make sure the differential, transfer case etc, has been serviced, that the actuators are working properly and the shafts from the differential to the wheels aren’t binding. Take it to a shop that is experienced in truck 4 wd, put it up on a lift and look at the front drive train…then service it. Hopefully ( pray) it’s temporary binding that may work itself out over time with service.

After 2 years of sitting, the tires are very likely flat spotted - and that would cause the low speed issues. But you don’t have high speed shake, which is odd.

I like your explanation better. It’s cheaper to fix !