Tires for my Bentley

I have a 1986 Bentley Turbo R. It’s the European version. The Turbo R didn’t come to the United States until 1989. Anyway, the factory recommended tire size for my Bentley is 255/65/15, or 275/55/15. The only company that makes these sizes is Avon and they cost $500 each! Can anyone recommend an alternate size that would work?

Check Powerdog website to compare tire sizes

No, I’m not rich. This is my weekend car. There is almost no market for old Rolls and Bentley cars because they cost so much to fix. This was a billionaire’s car. I’m the second owner. He kept it in perfect shape, replaced engine and transmission at 100,000 miles. It looks like a new car. I bought it for almost nothing. It’s an old beauty and still turns heads as I pass by.

And those Avons are summer tires. I looked at combinations in between, and BG Goodrich Radial T/As are available as 275/60R15s at a cost of $160 each from Tire Rack. The larger tires stand about an inch taller than the recommended 275s. You would need to measure your wheel wells to see if these tires would fit, or find a knowledgeable person to ask. You could also go to

and ask Barry. He often shows up here anyway, and you could wait for his opinion. And you could also put new rims on it.

That’s a nice car except for that Grey Poupon stain on the passenger seat. How difficult was it to get past emissions inspections?

You can get great tire recommendations at I had to be the fourth regular to mention it?

Tirerack only has the Avons at $500/ea.
I also checked Coker and 1010tires without success.

Sorry Puedeba, I tried.
Pick up an English car mag, like Top Gear, at the bookstore and perhaps by searching websites for the tire names there you can find a replacement.

I also looked at Tire Rack. I think that @Puebdeba did the same.

Another alternative is to contact a local Bentley dealer and see what they recommend.

I bet the 275/60R/15 tire will fit just fine…Or a 255/60R/15 will work too

how much is almost nothing? sorry to be rude, but I must know…

I agree with @Caddyman A 255/60/R15 is only 1/10 an inch smaller in diameter than the 275/60/R15s . And Tire Rack has them for $150 a tire.

I too would be inclined to go with caddyman’s suggestion. The absolute worst that could possibly happen is that you’d be uncomfortable with the look or the slight change in handling (if there is any, which I doubt).

I can understand why you’d want the exact correct tire on such a truly cool car, but sometimes there’s just no alternative but to accept a small difference. Life moves forward and change happens.

The Rolls Royce Owners club (Bentley’s are included)would be one place to ask. If i were to own one of these I’d join up and get all the information from fellow owners and experts that I could. The Avon’s are the preferred tire from what I understand.

JTSanders said: “…You could also go to and ask Barry. He often shows up here anyway, and you could wait for his opinion…”

Thanks for the vote of confidence.

Puedeba2004: Are you sure about the tire size? Tire Rack thinks the original tire size was 235/70R15. Check for the vehicle tire placard which ought to be on a doorpost or in the glove box.

If Tire Rack is correct, then there are a few much more affordable tires available.

At Powerdog and other sites, you can easily compare different sizes and their out side dimensions. Two problems. When you find a size that seems to fit circumference wise, you can never be sure varying from the OEM with out a test fit. That’s why it might be tough to order one and having a local order and test fit it for you might be a better option. And secondly, Some have refused me stating they only put on OEM sizes. Hope they don’t have access to a Bentley manual. So, I agree with FoDaddy, smaller may be better…hate those cookie cutters though. ;))
Is there a Bentley web site of owners who actually know anything about their car ?

Just an FYI:

puedeba2004, emailed me through my web site. I want to thank everyone for the vote of confidence. It’s why I do this!

I think the proper starting point for this question is the vehicle tire placard. It lists the original tire size and the proper pressure for that size. From that we know what will fit without rubbing and what load carrying capacity the vehicle manufacturer specified.

Vehicle tire placard are now required on the driver’s doorframes, but prior to 2008, they could be anywhere. Doors and doorframes were popular as was glove boxes. But I’ve seen them on fuel filler doors and trunks lids…

Since 2008, vehicle manufacturers have done a good job of sizing tires to their vehicles. Prior to that - not so much (particularly;y SUV’s and pickup trucks.). I have documented 3 steps up for cars, so the older the car, the more likely that car has marginal tires (in terms of size)

I’ll keep you folks posted about the progress.