Tires for Ford Ranger

Hello everyone, I have a 2006 Ranger XLT with the 4.0 engine. Tires at present are Nexen. I’m not happy with the ride, which is harsh, nor their performance in the wet. I’ve driven pickups for awhile and I know they tend to be light in the rear, but I’m thinking better tires might make a difference. A tire shop mechanic I spoke to recommended Toyo HT’s, saying that they would perform well in the wet, and that the ride should be somewhat better than the Nexen’s I have now. Any comments from anyone? I’d be spending about $760 for new tires if I choose the Toyos.

Spend some time at Tire Rack’s web site. They have reviews and ratings from consumers which you will find helpful.


Unfortunately, you’ll probably have a relatively harsh ride with an empty bed

Add about 300 plus lbs of weight to the bed between the rear axles. See how much improvement you get. Trucks are rated for more weight then comparable size cars so expect stiffness. Also, check your tire pressure. The recomended pressures are often with expected loads. You WILL bounce around with no weight. There are no compact trucks made, which are rated the same as larger full size half tons, that ride anything like cars. Maybe you are expecting too much…;=) I really don’t think your tire make will make enough difference.

I had a toyota 2wd and put mud grips on all 4 and was happy, my 03 ranger had oem tires, and they worked just fine, do not recall the brand or model. For that price I would look at a Michelin cross terrain tire.