New tires for 97 ranger

 I’m going to replace my tires on my Ford ranger. I currently have P215/70R-14. The truck calls for 195/70R-14 would there be an advantage to switching back to the 195/70R?
 Also would there be an advantage to have siping done. I live in the Pacific Northwest.

Why complicate things, I did really well with mud grips.

If the 215s have not caused any problems with clearance, I see no reason to go back to 195s unless there is significant price difference.
No to siping.
My guess is you do on road only driving and are concerned about wet traction.
Go to and check out tires that meet your needs.

P215/70/R14 was an optional tire size from the factory. I would continue to use them if it were me. But you can use P195/70/R14’s if you want. Keep in mind the if factory tire size for this particular truck was 195/70/R14 then your speedometer and odometer will be off by about 5%.

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Any decent tire shop will be able to guide you for tires in your area . You can have a better idea of what to buy just by looking at the web sites . Only you know just how much you want to spend . People buy tires while they are shopping at Sam’s Club and Costco so it can’t be that difficult.

Thank you, I guess I need better proof reading skills!

Probably get better gas mileage with the smaller tires.

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Yes, and better snow traction - but where you live is snow rare and rain more common?

Yes, we get a lot of drizzle, rain and ice and little snow.

I went to a big west coast tire store chain and the tire guy is a salesman. I alway heard not to get tires sipped. He said they sip the tire to our climate. Not sure if that is true. Just wanted to get some other opinions.

Siping assumes the guy at the tire store is smarter than the engineers and designers at the tire company. NOT BLOODY LIKELY!