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Tires for an allroad

Have a 4.2 L/non turbo 2005 allroad with 48000. honestly, it gets driven ~6 miles round trip weekly, about 2x/month up winding canyon roads to ski in the winter, and then to the airport on interstate ~1/month. That’s it. ride the bike the rest of the time.

Needs new tires. Opinions? Not willing to invest in snow tires too (if the canyon roads are too horrendous we just don’t go) so an all season, good performance, wear is not all that important since we put so few miles on it, but needs interstate and winding road/mildly snowy roads type performance. What have you used? Like them?


Michelin Hydroedge or Bridgestone Turanza’s

Nokian WR G2, a very good all-season that is also rated as a winter tire. I love them on my wife’s Subaru Legacy turbo wagon.

Hi catdoc2,

 I have a 2006 Audi S4 with the 4.2.  I just bought a new set of wheels and tires for Winter use only, but I like the tires so much I may keep them on the car all year round.  They are the Michelin Pilot Alpin PA3.  They are a high performance winter tire, but they are amazing on wet or dry roads also.  I actually can't tell the difference between them and the high performance Summer tires as far as handling goes.  I know this is a different car, but I hope this helps.


I’ll second the Turanzas. I have them on two cars and think they are fantastic. I use them as three-season tires, however, and don’t drive on snow with them. I have winter tires for that.

i’ve had a set of Continental ExtremeContact A/S on my '04 VW 4Motion ~they’re fairly cheap, but excellent all around tires(very good in snow).i got them from Tire for about $130ea

There are three kinds of tires…$70 tires, $120 tires, $200+ tires. Ask to see the $70 tires. If you REALLY work at it, you can get $200+ tires for $70…

Today, there are so many different types and sizes, few if any tire stores can stock them all. Not enough shelf space. So choose a BIG warehouse operation that will at least offer you some choices…