Which to buy? All Weather or Winter?


Hey everybody. I deliver newspapers in my town. Up every day at 2 a.m., ugh! It’s a good extra job though. I have 135 customers and a moderately hilly route. Winter is coming. Can someone educate me on Winter tires and if somebody like me should get them?



If you get some significant snowfall, you’ll probably be out at times before the plows. Snow tires would definitely help.


Buy 4 winter tires in your case or the only all-weather tire that is rated as a winter tire called the Nokian WR. It an excellent tire all times of the year and nearly as good as a pure winter tire on snow and ice.

The only downfall I can think of is premium pricing. Well worth it IMHO given no hassles of switchover and storage of rims etc. I have owned 3 sets.


According to Nokians own webpage, the WR is a winter tire, not an all year tire. Nokian only lists summer and winter tires on their webpages. You can of course drive on wintertires in the summer, but I would recommend getting different tires for summer and winter as the summer tires are made for summer conditions and vice versa.

Put the winter tires on some basic steel rims so swapping them will be easy every spring and fall. Its not really more expensive either as you will be wearing two sets of tires in double the time as one set of tires.


I think you need to read the actual website:

The world’s fastest friction tire which is designed especially for the changing weather conditions of Central Europe. Nokian WR is suitable for year-round use, because its grip and driving comfort are excellent on a wet, dry, or snowy road.

Furthermore-> Only four-season family of tires that carries the Severe Service Emblem exceeding new government snow condition regulations

I have owned three sets of these tires and know a few people who use them as winter tires.


Basically they are Nokian’s only all-season tire they make.


You don’t say where you live or what your winter is like (or what vehicle you drive), which makes this a bit more difficult. if you live where the word “winter” means something, then you probably should invest in winter tires. FOUR, not just two. Here’s what others won’t tell you: There are expensive winter tires, and there are less-expensive winter tires. For most people, the less-expensive tires will work just fine.

You’re talking about a paper route, not high-speed highway travel in winter conditions. Just about any winter tire will serve your needs. I suggest you shop around at your local tire stores and see what you can find.

Having said that, I mounted a set of four Nokian winter tires (not WRs) on my Subaru, and they have performed flawlessly. The car has never spun a wheel in snow with the Nokians mounted. It would probably do the same with no-name winter tires.

Save your money. Find an inexpensive winter tire and buy four of them.


If I understand your question, the answer is easy: Winter

All season is really three season and is of little help in snow or ice. They do work well on wet or dry roads.


Buy four winter tires (and four wheels from a junkyard). Run the winter set-up Oct - March, the summer set-up April - Sept. Used factory wheels from the junkyard down the road from me are $5 each. Clean the rims well before you put the new winter tires on them. Good luck! Rocketman Oh, BTW . . . might help the other posters if you told us what type of car . . . where you will be driving (NE, Midwest, etc).


You’re talking about a paper route, not high-speed highway travel in winter conditions. Just about any winter tire will serve your needs.

Possibly. BUT, if a paper route involves constant starting and stopping, and the terrain is hilly and snow/ice makes for slippery conditions… a good set of winter tires may be worth the extra cost. Of course, a paper route isn’t going to pay that much, so it’s a balancing act. If it’s slippery only once in a while, perhaps a good set of all-seasons with chains for those bad days would do (check to see if the auto maker forbids chains).


Thanks everyone! I live in Syracuse, where Winter means something. I drive a 2000 Cavalier.


Definitely winter tires on your vehicle. When your delivering is not prime time for plowing as most towns wait towards morning commute to remove snow if accumulating.

In your case, any winter tire will be superior to an all weather except for the aforementioned all weather/winter combo tire Nokian WR.

If you decide on pure winters, tt should be really cheap to get used steel rims for your Cavalier at a junkyard or elsewhere. Make sure to get the smallest size wheels available for better traction and least expensive tires.