Tires and zapped

my 2001 dakota came with 215/75/15. I have 235/75/15 on the truck now. Is there any advantage/ disadvantage having this size tires on? I got them for a VERY good price. Also when ever its vrry cold out and I exit the truck I get shocked, WHY? thank you, JIM

Static electricity builds up either between your pants and the cloth seats (if it has cloth) or some tires build up more static electricity than others.

Wider tires can provide better grip, provided the rubber compound and tread are similar. The new tires are about 4% larger in diameter. This means that your speedometer will be off by 4%. You will be going 57 instead of the indicated 55 MPH, since you travel farther per revolution that you did before.

You get shocked because there is a difference in charge buildup between you and the truck. This occurs because the humidity is very low at low temperatures. The water in the air coats everything and will help equalize the charge.

There is a significant difference in the effective final drive ratio and it could adversely effect the fuel mileage. The dealer might be able to program the ECM to operate with the increased diameter. With a manual transmission the difference between 215 and 235 tires is very apparent. My S-10 was unable to operate in 5th (overdrive) until the indicated speed was well in excess of 60 mph and even minor grades required downshifting, sometimes to third.

I have an automantic trans with o-drive. the truck seems to have no problem taking off from a dead stop. the ride is better than my wifes o6 ford 500.I will check with my local dealer. thank you all for your answers