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Tire Wear

I have a 2006 Audi A-4 Quatro. I notice the rear tires wear twice the rate of the front tires. this is my first all wheel drive and i wonder if this is normal.

No. My family’s experience on AWD for Subaru is that the tires wear evenly, if you rotate every 5K miles. Need to check soonest Audi policy/warnings on how close in treadwear tires need to be so as not to negatively affect the AWD drive train. Subaru demands a relatively close tolerance among the tire circumferences, and if two tires are truly down 50% less tread compared to the other two, you may be severely out of tolerance and need to replace the tires altogether. Check your owner’s manual for more info.

You did not provide us with some information that is necessary in order to be able to answer your question properly.

Do you rotate your tires?
If you do rotate them, is it done at the mileage specified in the Audi maintenance schedule?
Are the treads worn evenly across the width of the tread, or is it more pronounced in the center, or on the inner or outer edges?
Do you use the tire inflation pressure specified by Audi?
How often do you check and correct your tire pressure?