Car tire rotation

I have neglected Subaru recommended tire rotations every 7500 miles now twice. With the original tires I only rotated once at 20k and at 40k they were evenly worn. Currently its been 20k since last rotation asked mechanic to check wear(Subaru specialist). He stated all four were dead even at 7/32".

Does AWD wear more evenly than FWD or RWD?

I would still expect the front tires to wear faster due to cornering and being the primary braking axle …even if the power distribution is more balanced.

In this case, I’d also expect that you have decent longevity to your front disc pads. As in “longer than most”.

I speculate, that unlike most people, you drive like a sane person, taking corners and curves at reasonable speeds, and braking in a straight line. That can lead to even tire wear with little or no tire rotation. The rest of us should probably continue to rotate our tires.

Drive tires tend to wear in the center. Steer tires tend to wear in the shoulders.

SO RWD cars wear different parts of the tires, but the rate is about the same.

FWD cars tend to wear tires evenly, but the rears, which aren’t really doing anything, tend to wear much more slowly than the fronts.

AWD and 4X4’s have so many different configurations that it is hard to make blanket statements about tire wear.

PLUS - tire wear is so highly dependent on alignment - and not only the amount of turns you make, but also how aggressively you take those turns - that the effects listed above can be completely overshadowed by other influences.