Tire type for minivan

Should I put passenger tires or light truck tires on my Honda Odyssey mini van?

Passenger car tires. A minivan is not a truck.

Check http://www.tirerack.com for a wide selection of tires. You can search by tire size or vehicle make and model.

Even if you don’t buy from them, their website is a wealth of information about tires.

I just replaced the tires on a 2006 Toyota Sienna minivan. I ordered Yokohama Avid Touring-S tires from Tirerack. They’re quiet, have good wet traction, and the ride is better than the OEM tires. Most important, the Missus is happy with them. It cost about $70 at the local mechanic to have the tires installed.

Ed B.

Check your tire size, don’t some Odysseys have an odd size, limiting your options?

Tires that meet the proper load rating. Your manual should list proper tire size and load rating needed.

Somewhere on the pillar for the driver’s door is a sticker that has vital statistics for your vehicle. It has recommended tire pressure, the GVWR, and most importantly, the acceptable tire size or sizes for your vehicle. If you don’t find tire sizes there, they should be somewhere in the owner’s manual. Whatever tires you buy, make sure their size is one of those listed as acceptable.