Tire Model 225-60R16 102(h)

I have a VW Eurovan. The tire is by Michelin, and the model # is 225-60R16 102(h). The problem is Michelin doesn’t make the tire anymore.

Will I be OK to buy this tire

Nokian eNTYRE 225/60 R16 102H BSW All season tires

Thanks a lot. You can see that I knew very little about cars. But love the car talk.

Yes and my personal experience with Nokian is great.

That’s not a model number, it’s the size and speed rating of the tire…You have chosen an identical replacement…Just a different brand…Tire stores have simply run out of shelf-space…

Are you replacing just one of the tires? If so, does your Eurovan have AWD, or is it front wheel drive? If AWD you might not be able to replace just one if the others are worn.

Check on tirerack.com for other tires that’ll fit.

Tex is right…AWD means all new tires…

Thanks everyone. I feel much better now. Most places still have the size, but not load number. Not sure if my Eurovan has AWD, but we are changing all the tires. :slight_smile:

If you carry a lot you’ll want to get the load rating right.

Just an FYI for everyone:

These VW buses - EuroVan, Microbus, Westfalia, etc - are quirky when it comes to tires. These vehicle need tires that have more laod carrying capacity than regular tires of the size indicated. In some cases it’s just Extra Load (XL) tires, but in some cases, the vehicle requires “C” type tires - the European equivalent to “LT” type tires.

Folks need to be very careful when selecting tires for these vehicles that they get tires with enough load carrying capacity.

Thanks. CapriRacer. That’s what I told by the tire people. The EuroVan carries quite a bit load besides itself. So I need to make sure that I get the correct load for the tire.

But I"m not really comfortable buying tires on line. I was hoping that I could get one from one of the local shops. I’m going to call around tomorrow.

By all means, find a local dealer. But I trust tirerack completely. Besides buying from them several times, a number of magazines have relied on them over the years to organize and supply tires/wheels/etc. for handling tests and tire comparisons. If they say tire X would work on my EuroVan, I’d believe them.