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Tire size options for 2009 Jeep Patriot 4x2 Sport

My original Good Year Eagles have 30,000 + and are 205 70 R16 and it seems they are more or less the only tires I've been able to find for sale in that size. I want to go in a different direction and want more choices if possible. Would a 215 70 R16 size work? Thank you for feedback.

Tires should list the rims (in width) they can be installed on. If your vehicle will accept the tires, you can install them. There's not a great difference in the tire sizes, so as long as you're not rubbing when you turn on either lock, you should be OK.

I check, and I'm truly shocked: one vendor, one tire for that particular mix.

Here's a good page to detail what all those numers mean:


I looked at a 2010 Patriot 4x2 last year and was concerned about the tire size also. The 205/70R16 has a diameter of 27.3". An optional tire size is 215/65R17 with a diameter of 28".

Diameters for 215/70R16 tires ranged from 27.7" to 27.9" depending on the brand. Based on this I would be comfortable using a 215/70R15 on the Patriot. The diameter difference is ~2%.

All of was obtained from The Tirerack website.

Ed B.