Tire size for Ford Freestar

I have a question. I recently purchased 2 tires for my freestar size 235 65r 16’s. The facility mounted the wrong tire sizes. The vechicle calles for 235 60r 16’s. My question is what danger or ill effects will I have by keeping the tires. i have to replace the 2 rear for the 2007 freestar SE.

More than likely, you will only notice a slightly softer ride and slightly less “crisp” handling with these “higher profile tires”. Or, you may not notice any difference whatsoever.

What I would worry about is the load rating of the tires. I suggest that you compare the load rating of the original tires with that of the replacements, just to make sure they have sufficient load capacity.

Thank you

When the inappropriate sized tires get to the front wheels your speedometer will not read correctly.