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Tire Rotation

How often should I rotate my tires? I drive a 2004 Hyundai Elantra with 72,000 miles on it.

about every 5k to 7.5k miles but double check the owners manuel.

The generalized recommendation is every 5K to 8K, but if you have significantly different wear on the tires, this may dictate that rotating tires is not a good idea.

By the way, the rotation pattern isn’t nearly as important and the rotation itself. The front tires do different things than the rear so they wear differently. The purpose of the rotation is 1) to even out the waer pattern, and 2) to change the wear pattern so the tires don’t get irregular wear (vibration and noise).

With all due respect, since this information is contained in the Owner’s Manual and is not exactly difficult to determine, I have to wonder…Has all of the vehicle’s maintenance been done in accordance with the mfr’s maintenance schedule?

While tire rotation is important, there are many other maintenance items that are more important, in terms of the ultimate cost if they are not done on schedule. If you have skipped tire rotation, is it possible that you have also skipped other maintenance procedures?

I would suggest that you sit down and read the maintenance schedule very soon, and that you compare it with your maintenance receipts, in order to see what might need to be done.

I rotate mine every second oil change…

I do not recommend anyone do what I do, but I am going to tell what I do, and why.

The minute I cross the border into Mexico, the warranty on my Yokohama tires expires. Yokohama is correct. Mexico is hard on tires. In the US, I go years without a road hazard or nail in my tire. In Mexico, it is several times a year, and sometimes the tire is beyond use, if the damage is in the sidewall.

It is very hard to find the right tire size for my 2002 Sienna in Mexico. So, when I buy new tires, I keep the best one or two and take it back to Mexico as extras, since one extra is not enough. At this time, I have 7 tires. The four in use, the spare underneath, one in the back, and one in the house.

I used to religiously rotate the tires, which is hard in my village because there is very little level ground anywhere. Although last year I did have a car port built with a floor in it.

So, at one point I simply stopped rotating tires.

Last October, my tire tread was low, and it was obvious I needed new tires. I took it to the usual tire shop in McAllen for new Yokohamas. The tire man examined the old tires, and said the wear was so even there was no need even to check alignment. So, I didn’t.

My car. My tires. My money. No issues for Yokohama.

The minute I crossed the Anzalduas bridge, the warranty on the new Yokohamas expired again. Still my tires and my money, same as always. LIfe is good. I had a good tire from the previous four in back to add to my tire harem.

For people whose circumstances are more normal, of course one should rotate those tires at the mandated distance. That is part of your warranty, and as part of that warranty you agree to rotate them, even if your car like mine wears evenly. Nothing to debate.

Rotating tires might enable you to get more total miles out of a set, but I personally like to monitr wear patterns on my tires and rotating can mask an anomolie. I’m not claiming that my preference is right or wrong, I’m just posting my preference.