Tire Rot!

I understand there is a number code on a tire that tells the manufacter date. Where is it and how do you read it. I have tires that have “dry rotted” and I want to make sure the new tires are just that - new tires. I’m not putting on as many miles on my truck as I used too, so a new tire with little time “on the shelf” is what I’m looking for - I live in a very hot State!

The manufacture date of a tire is printed within an oval with 4 digits inside. I think first two digits are year and last two digits are which week the tire was produced. If 0524, means tire was made on 24th week of 2005.

Just don’t buy the tires that are on sale!


That’s exactly what I did, Thanks.

Some tires “rot” and some don’t…I have a set of 30 year old tires on an old truck and they are still in service…The truck is in Sonora, Mexico…

Try this link.


Ed B.