Michelin Tires

I purchased new tires for my MDX 4 years ago and have put 30K miles on them. I am now told they have dry rot! How do I receive compensation from Michelin because I was sure they would last longer then that.

Where did you buy them and who is telling you this new info ?
Mileage may be irrelevant.
Where do you park you car ?
An outdoor car gets more uv exposure, like my 79 truck with merely 71k miles. It is on its third set of tires.

The selling dealer / installer should know the warranty procedure. Return to the source for warranty claims.
You got them four years ago but how old are the tires ? ( did they sell you two year old inventory ? that sat outside on a rack waiting ?? )
The DOT # on the sidewalls will tell you when they were produced .
11 or twelve digits in three segments. ( similar to B715-001X-2313 ) the last four numbers are the week and year of production.

Post a picture of your tires.

I have what looks like dry rot on my Michelins (pilot sport plus line) but it’s very minor and not anywhere dangerous. It’s just in the outer portions of the shallow parts of the tread. 40,000 miles and counting on them. Absolutely no need to replace them at this point.

Some shops will tell you that a disaster is about to happen in order to get you to give them money. They’re not always being honest about it.

I seriously doubt that your tires are dry rotted. I highly suspect that someone is trying to sell you for a new set of tires.

Post some pics if you like, and perhaps post the tires’ date codes: http://www.barrystiretech.com/dotcoding.html

Not much to do, but check the date code on the tires. They may be much older than four years. Somebody did a story the other night on old or recalled tires being put on cars by clueless tire shops. Some of those were the Michelin brand.

+1 to Bing’s post. If you’d prefer, you can post a photo of the codes on the tire sidewall and we can help you interpret them.

You should have received a warranty pamphlet when you purchased these tires. If you still have it, that will tell you if this is carve and whether it is a limited warranty. If you think you qualify, contact Michelin and see how they can verify the dry rot. You might also talk to the shop you bought the tires from even if it is the one you bought the tires from.

I’ve seen some light dry rot on tires no older than 4 years old. The point could be made that the dry rot was minor and not a safety hazard but one never really knows for sure.

This was more prone to happen on the side of a car which predominantly faced the sun when parked.

I think someone is trying to sell a set of tires. I’d drive on without any concern. Get new tires when the tread wear indicators are showing you are low on tread.