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Tire replacement

Dear Tom & Ray,

I love your show and hope you can help me with a problem. My wife and I own a 2001 Mazda Protege. We bought it new and it has served us well. It has only one drawback to which I am seeking a solution. The tire size is 195/55-16. This is a very odd size and is difficult to find. When we do find a tire in the size it is usually a high performance summer tire. We have been purchasing these to keep the vehicle going but they typically only last about 18 monthes. We live in St. Louis where we have 4 seasons (rain, ice, snow, & heat). What I really need is an all season radial. What do you recommend?


Tire Rack lists 29 tires in your size:

Surely one will suit your needs.

Choose a few tires from the list that mcparadise gave you and ask at local stores that handle the same brand/model. While they may not have them in stock, they should be able to get them for you. It should take a week or so for them to arrive.

Are you sure about that size?
According to my sources, that size was not specified on any of the 2001 Protege models.

If you meant that the tire size is 195/55-15, Costco sells a reasonably-priced all-season B. F. Goodrich tire in that size, as well as a more costly performance-oriented Michelin tire.

VDCdriver makes an excellent point. Searching by vehicle, the closest thing I can find is 195/50-16, which may, indeed, be difficult to find.

Tire Rack has 11 in that size.

If you change that middle number to “60” instead of “55” you will probably greatly expand your choices…

Tire store shelf-space is limited…Today, it’s almost impossible for them to stock a wide selection in every size…Or even stock every size…

TireRack can even deliver them to a local tire shop for you.