Tire repair in new car after tire plugged- Bumpy Drive remains

Hello, all!

I have owned my Kia Telluride for 600 miles and got a flat. A roadside assistance tech found the hole, took the tire off the car, and plugged (not sure if it was a regular plug, patch, combination plug) the tire. He then put the tire back on the wheel. I have attached a picture of the plug job to this topic.

However, the ride on the car is awful now- it feels like I’m in a washing machine, bumping up, down, left, and right as the car drives no matter what speed or road condition. Before the flat, this car was the smoothest car I had ever been in, now I feel every bump on the road.

I am going to the dealer on Saturday, but I was wondering what this could be- I have checked the air on the tires and they are all 35 psi cold as recommended on the sticker in the car.

Any ideas would be helpful, as I loved this car before I got a stupid flat!

The one thing the roadside assistance couldn’t do after installing the plug is, balance the tire.


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That looks like one of those temporary plugs you use in emergency to get you to a tire repair shop. Are you saying the roadside tech actually took the tire off the rim?

Regardless, this shouldn’t result in a bumpy ride at all speeds and on all surfaces. It sounds like the tire suffered significant damage, which likely won’t be covered by warrantee.

This is the kind of plug it looks like to me,having used them a number of times:

He did not take it off the rim- he just did the emergency plug but said the car should be good to go. Yeah I have no problem buying a new tire- I just want the car to be smooth again.

As long as the wheel or suspension isn’t damaged, a new tire should do the trick.

YES that is what it looked like- he just did that, pumped the air, then put the wheel on the car. The air has not leaked.

It is possible that your tire can be salvaged with a proper repair.

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OK- I will have the dealership look at the wheel and suspension to make sure it isn’t damaged as well. Would be quite odd from just a nail in the tire, correct?

That tire is not repairable, the puncture is too close to the sidewall. The tire must be replaced.


Will that solve the bumpy ride issue? Also, how much should I expect to pay for the installation at the dealership?

I can well understand the roadside assistance guy doing an emergency repair on the OP’s tire so that the vehicle can be driven to a tire shop, but if he failed to inform the OP that the tire needs to be replaced, then he did a major–and potentially very dangerous–disservice.

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Yeah he said the car would be good to go- and did not need to be repaired. This is a brand new car and am looking for a real solution, not a cheap fix. I have driven the car roughly 50 miles since then and the ride has been very bumpy- I am not going to drive it again and take it to the repair shop tomorrow morning.

Excellent decision!
Just remember that this vehicle’s AWD system mandates that the replacement tire be the same brand, model, and size as the other 3 tires. “Similar”, or “just as good” won’t cut it. It has to be identical.

Yes of course! I am going to get the exact same tire put on- brand new- the car has only 600 miles (total) on it and it is AWD- do I have to replace all 4?

At the least it should have had a boot on the inside but guess I agree the tire should be replaced now while it will still match the others with only 600 miles on. My son has run flat tires and got a long bolt stuck in one. Yeah you can drive 50 miles with it but needed a new one for $500. So these days just a necessary expense to plan on.

No, absolutely not!
The amount of wear on the tires is so incredibly minimal that only the one bad tire has to be replaced.

Agree. I ruined one with only 1600 miles on the car and they said no problem just replacing the one.

Unless somebody had badly misalinged wheels, I think that one could safely replace just one tire on an AWD vehicle with as much as 5k miles of wear on the other 3.

From your picture, I’m guessing that the tire is a Pirelli. If so, be aware that apparently they have a road hazard warranty covering tires on new cars for a short time. My wife got a non-repairable hole in a Pirelli tire on her brand new car and Pirelli gave us a free replacement tire. I’m actually don’t know if that was mentioned in the warranty materials that came with the car, as our dealer told us about this and handled the replacement before we even had a chance to look at those materials.


Correct it is Pirelli- I will ask the dealership about this tomorrow!

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