Tire recommendations

I have a 1993 Dodge Caravan with front wheel drive and manual transmission. The recommended tire size is 195/75/14.

I have 2 good Michelin tires that are 195/75/14 but I need 2 new tires. Michelin does not make that size any more. The closest size is 205/70/14.

Should I have 2 different size tires (same size on same axle) of a good Michelin tire or stick to the same size tire for all 4 tires?

Any tire recommendations that would compare in safety and longevity to a Michelin Harmony?

No harm in having slightly different sized tires on the front and rear of that car so long as the front tire tread is not appreciably wider or stickier, which can lead to interesting braking under certain conditions.

I don’t remember the Harmony, but the treadwear warrantee should give you a good idea of what wear to expect. The current tires and treadwear warrantees are
Destiny 80k mi
Primacy MXV4 60k mi
Primacy MXM4 55k mi
Pilot Exalto 45k mi

Check Sam’s club. They carry Michelin sizes that no one else carries. They still carry the Michelin X Radial, which wears like iron and would be a great tire for your Caravan.

Don’t worry about it. The difference in diameter of the tires is about a half-percent.

195/75/14 diameter = 502-mm (19.8-in)
205/70/14 diameter = 499-mm (19.7-in)

There are a few tires available in your OEM size, but very few.