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Tire Recommendation | Yokohama YK580 or Michelin Defender

The stock tires are the Mich. Primacy’s which I’ve already gone through 2 sets on and I only have 80k on the car. This 2nd set only lasted 35k which is why I am looking for a different tire.

So, I thought I had decided on the YK580’s so I went to Discount today to pick up a set. The salesman said that they Yok’s are more of a 3 season tire. They’re not great in the snow or ice. Plus they didn’t have any in stock, even in a 215\55. So I started looking at the Mich. Defenders and was ready to go with them and lol and behold, they didn’t have those in stock either. It probably would be until Thur. or Fri. of next week until they could get them given the holiday. I’m flying out of town on Thur. for a week so that would put me another week or 2 out. Getting frustrated I ask what about other brands (Cont. Hankook, etc.) and the only brand/tire he was pushing me towards was Goodyear tripletred because they’re “on sale” this month. I told him I wasn’t interested in those and again I asked what about other brands. He said that is pretty much all they had. So continuing with my frustration of Discount Tire, I left and went over to Costco. They had the Defender’s in stock but the tech said that I would be moving from a V rated tire to a T rated tire. So cornering and breaking performance of the tire would reduce by 10 to even 20 percent. Something I would definitely notice when driving, especially on the highway’s. He did suggest the Bridstone Turanza Serenity +. He said while it’s not as good of an all season as the Defender’s, it’s got a higher speed rating which will match the OEM tires in performance while still delivering pretty good “4” season performance. Anyone have any thought’s on these Turanza’s?

Also, what are the thoughts about moving from a V to a T rated tire. Would I really notice the difference? I know it’s an Accord, not a sports car, but I do want decent performing tire along with a decent life span of the tire. Plus if I do loose 15% performance in places like breaking, that is starting to be more of a safety concern.

Thanks again for everyone’s suggestions. I look forward to hearing more of your thoughts.

I might go from a V to an H but I wouldn’t go to a T. H and V typically differ mostly in max speed rating but handle similarly for the same model. T requires a different model with different handling characteristics.

If your Accord originally came with V-rated tires, then you can drop one level and no more. As texases said, that would be to an H-rated tire. Does your dealer have Yokohama Avid ENVigors in stock in your size? They are attractively priced and are 4-season radials. You might also ask about Goodyear Assurance CofortTred Touring tires. They are rated #2 behind the Michelin Primacy MXV4 tires.

If you haven’t looked at Tirerack on line, they have great customer feedback and do their own road tests and ratings on the tires they sell. Great site to help select tires. They have the best prices, and will ship to the shop that you have mount them.

V on an accord? Go with a H tire. Lots of choices in that speed rating.