Tire pressure

How can all the tire over inflate on its own within a couple of weeks. We had an extremely cold week and I would have expected to lose tire pressure and not gain in tire pressure (went for 32 to 50)

You’re right, if they were 32 psi when warm, they can’t be 50 when cold. Either somebody’s put air in the tires or your gauge is bad. Get a good gauge and put the recommended pressure in the tires (measured before driving in the morning).

My guess is it is a bad/cheap gauge.  

I might add that remember that the pressure will change depending on the temperature of the tyres.  As you drive the pressure will increase.  Normally we measure the pressure when the tyre and the air in the tyre is at the current air temperature.  As you drive it will warm the tyre and the air in the tyre increasing the pressure.  Normally we try to measure the air at the outside temperature.