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Tire noises

I had my tires rotated about 1000 miles ago and they are still making an annoying noise. Had it checked for wheel bearing issues and they said it’s fine. They said my rear tires were left on too long before rotating and that is causing the tire noise. Will this go away? Is it dangerous?

Since we don’t know the condition and age of these tires, its hard for us to give you a definite answer. Send us some pics

usually folks who do not rotate their tires see greater wear on the front tires and the back tires look good due to an easy life just holding up the rear. no turning or scrubbing motions like the fronts see. i would tend to think that the tech would say your rears look better than the fronts due to not rotating them. but thats my view of things

It is not unusual for tires to develop irregular wear and those can produced noise and vibration if not rotated frequently. The idea behind tire rotation is to not only even out the wear rate, but to prevent any particular wear pattern from becoming permanent. I’m sorry to say that after 1,000 miles, your wear pattern should have been replaced by the new pattern, so it’s very likely permanent.

It is dangerous? No, just annoying.

The fix? Either replace the tires or have them shaved. Shaving is something only a shop that specializes in racing tires would be able to do, and it’s about $20 per tire.