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Tire Noise

Hello: My 2006 Hyundai Azera has the original Michellin tires with 35,000 miles on. The tires are maintained with rotation/balance every 5,000 miles and have enough tread. I recently noticed annoying tire/road noise. The dealer is saying that I need to replace atleast the front two tires. Is this true? I am not sure that it is alignment either. The car does not pull to a side. Thanks.

Tires do get noisey as they wear, how much tread is left? 35k is actually not bad for original equipment tire.

Is the tread still even across the tire? Have the tires been inflated properly all along? If so, then probably these are just tires that get noisy as they wear, as texases said. You could check the reviews at Tire Rack’s web site to see if anyone else has mentioned this.

If you get new tires, consider keeping the old ones and putting them on Craigslist. If the tires are still in decent shape other than the noise issue, someone might give you a few bucks for them.