Tire matching

I have a 2002 4WD F-150. On a recent trip, I had to replace a tire (missing spare lock key has since been found). My plan is to replace the 3 older tires in the spring when I switch from snow tires. Would it be better to put the spare on and not put extra miles (about 2500-3000) on the new tire, so that it isn’t ahead of the ones to be bought? Or should I just leave the new one on until snow time? Or should I go ahead and replace the three old tires (showing half of Lincoln’s hair right now)? Thanks.

I’d run the spare and save the new tire until you get three more new ones.

I assume that your spare tire is well worn, right? In that case it makes perfect sense to use it now. Use the new tire for a spare. You’ll soon switch to winter tires and in the spring you will buy three new tires, install the current new tire, and save the best old tire as a spare.