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Mismatched spare tire

i need a new spare tire for my truck.

i have a matched set of expensive radials on it with some wear. I don’t know if I should buy the same tire or just an inexpensive one to use as a spare. And if I buy the same type would it create problems if i used a worn one as the spare and ran three worn and one new on the truck? I’m probably gambling that any damage to one of the matched set would be reparable since running mismatched is asking for trouble.

I’d buy and inexpensive version of the same brand.

Unless this is a work truck that sees a lot of construction sites. In that case I’d match the others with one of the same. I pulled enough sheetrock screws and roofing nails out of my tires during construction to learn that flat tires aren’t as uncommon as they are for the average driver.

You might have a problem with mismatched tires if you owned a “performance car” or if you drove your truck as if you did. For normal, sensible driving, however, you would encounter no difficulty with a spare that’s different from the others.

We’ve all had to put in our miles on the “donut” spare until we could get to the shop. You will have no problem with an inexpensive temporary spare tire.

Does it have FWD or AWD? If not, you should be OK as long as you are not counting on driving a long distance with the miss match.

A spare is to get you out of trouble in case of a flat, period. You don’t have to have a spare mounted on a fancy wheel, any steel wheel with the same bolt pattern will do. Perhaps you can source a wheel from a salvage yard. Then mount a used tire of the same size as the truck came originally equipped with as per the sticker on the door. A used tire and rim are fine as long as you determine they hold air. This way your new spare should mount into the place provide for a spare by Toyota.

If you ever need to put the spare on the car, drive at lower speeds, stay out of 4WD as much as possible, and get the regular tire replaced and back on the car ASAP. Follow those guidelines and you won’t harm your car if and when you need to use the spare tire.