Tire chains

In my pursuit to buy a set of chains off craigslist for my 1996 Toyota 4-Runner, I’ve noticed that most chains will fit a variety of different tire sizes. My tire size is P265 70R 16. The chains I want to buy from the seller apparently are only for 255/70 16 tires. Any wiggle room here? What does the 265 number indicate? Thanks for any help…Brad

The 265 indicates the tire tread width in millimeters. So the 265 tire is 10 millimeters wider than the 255 tire. I wouldn’t worry about 10mm or 5mm on each side of the tire for the chains. They’ll fit.


thanks, that was very helpful!

Slight technical correction…the 265 indicates the section width rather than the tread width.
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With a 70 series tire, the tread width will be somewhat less.

And if they won’t fit, you can MAKE them fit by adding a few extra links. There are several techniques for installing chains. Practice on a warm, dry day and learn what works for you so when you NEED to put them on, the procedure is second nature. And remember. With chains installed, your MAXIMUM speed is 30 MPH. Have a few short, black rubber bungee cords to use as “chain tighteners”…The BEST chains are called “V-Bar Reinforced”…