Timming gear problems in a 350 four bolt main


I have a 1981 monte carlo. I have dropped a 350 4 bolt main into it. I replaced the timming chain for gears. I thought it was the gears rubbing the timming cover and when i pulled the cover off I found that they were. I fixed the problem of the gears rubbing by beating the cover off a little and adding 2 extra gaskets to space it away from the gears. When I start the car and let it idle it doen’t make a noise, but when I rev it up it sounds like it is rubbing somewhere. Could it be the hormonic balancer or have you heard of any problem like this and know how I can fix it?


Are you sure it is not the typical annoying noise made by gear drive engines?


What is the exact manufacturer and part number of the gear set you installed?

Are you running a cam button to limit cam walk?


Sometimes you have to get a cover that is designed for what you install.