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Hello, i’ve a 2004 volvo xc70 w/ ~750000 miles on it. it’s been dealer serviced. since the last service, it’s been riding rough. on this service, i’ve mentioned this to the service adviser and after diagnosing, i was told that i’ve intake valve leaks and tube from the oil pan was also leaking (letting air in).

is this reasonable?

I am going to make some conclusions,I interpet “intake valve leaks” to mean the valve stem seals are leaking (sympton would be smoke at start-up) not so serious,but would not cause rough idle,I hope the situation is not your intake valves not seating (sympton would be low compression,loss of power,rough idle) this is serious.

The “tube from oil pan leaking” could be the cause of your rough idle (engine vacuum present in crankcase,by design) I can’t tell you how hard this would be to fix as it is most likely some type of seal (cheap part,labor intensive)

You should just thank your lucky stars the car has gone 750k miles for you!

You’ve driven your car over 180,000 miles per year for 4 years and you are surprised that it is ‘riding rough’?

: )

I have a feeling he meant 75,000 miles.