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Need detailed engine specs for 99 Honda CRV

Hello all,

I just need to know if this vehicle has the kind of engine that will destroy itself if the timing belt seizes ?

I’ve been trying to convince my mom to change her timing belt in this car (should have been done at 84 months / 106k). Right now the car has 97k but obviously it is more than 7 years old and this should have been done by now.

Someone in their infinite wisdom is trying to tell her that the timing belt can simply be replaced when it breaks and then she can drive on her merry way.

I’m trying to tell her that the cost of this repair is inevitable and she should do it at her own convenience and wait for the car in the comfort of her own home (she can walk to the shop) rather than risk having engine failure out in the boonies where she works or worse, have a seized engine.

Why she won’t listen to her own flesh and blood beats the hell out of me but I need some concrete evidence to prove that person wrong before it’s too late!

I believe its called an interferance engine, correct ?

Yup! It has an interference engine. And when a timing belt breaks on these engines very bad things happen inside the engine. Things like bent valves, cracked valve guides, and sometimes broken camshafts. I’ve seen it all.

Some people just have to learn the hard way.


Try this link…select criteria to bring up specs & info for the vehicle. You can print the page and show her.

You might point out that the timing belt is absolutely NOT like an older fan belt. A broken fan belt, then, was a nuisance. Now, if the “fan” belt breaks, it can be very dangerous if the “fan” belt drives the power steering. It would take three men to steer the vehicle.
When, not if, the timing belt breaks, no power steering, only one or two applications on the power brakes left, and $2,000 + damage to the engine.
That scares me down to may wallet area.

Thanks for the info guys! Really i’m washing my hands of the matter. If she wants to let an exceptional vehicle get ruined despite the fact that I tried to tell her, then so be it. I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t blowing hot steam everywhere. Common sense took over however and told me that the timing belt replacement is in the owner’s manual for a reason! I read it more than she does and I barely ever even get to drive the car. Thanks again!