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Timing out of whack

My camshafts got moved while replacing tb & wp.v6. Can I get TDC bringing #1 valves closed & #4 valves open & then bring crankshaft the TDC mark? Interference engine, valves not damaged!!!

Don’t know. But definitely don’t move anything until you get some experienced advice. Advice from someone who has worked on valve timing issues w/that particular engine. Me, thinking it better to be safe than sorry, I wouldn’t proceed until consulting the factory service manual first.

If the camshafts got moved, you can’t use the valves on #1 cylinder to determine if the piston in #1 cylinder at top-dead-center. Because the crankshaft/camshafts are out of time.

Turn the crankshaft so the top-dead-center marks align.

Remove the timing belt and align the camshaft marks and reinstall the timing belt.


I’ve been told that I can rotate crankshaft ,slowly,by hand !!! If I get a spot where I can’t move then I should rotate cam/s a little bit, crank/s should rotate again. Don’t think it’s moved to much,but who knows.

See if you can rotate the engine by hand without interference.

If you can, line up the crankshaft TDC marks. Remove the timing belt and align the camshaft timing marks and reinstall the timing belt.

It’s not rocket science.


I presume you’ve got the spark plugs removed, right? With them removed it will be easier to feel for any piston/valve or valve/valve interference.

Set the crankshaft to approximately 30 degrees from TDC by hand, at that position no pistons will be at top. This will provide clearance for the valves to open as you turn the cams. Next rotate the cams to the proper alignment, then move the crankshaft to TDC.


Thanks guys!! That’s kinda want I hoped to hear. And with that set,I will then rotate two revolutions and if all’s well with timing marks I’ll be back on the road!!!