Timing marks

I need to know what postion the camshafts and crankshaft sprocket dimples need to be on for a 1994 lexus es 300 so I can put my timing belt back on ( if someone has a pic, that would be great also.

look at the top sides of the timing cover frame. there are usually cooresponding marks on the frame. uually V, or arrows.

usually there is one on the frame near the crank pulley too.

i’ll dig for some more info specific to your car, but it is hard to find this specific info without the shop manuals.


page 16, 17, 18 , 19 seems to be about right. but you should probably print this out. at least save the link.
pretty good stuff here.

thank you for the info. cappy!!!

just a question.

how did you come to need to change the belt? did it break while the engine was running? have you checked to make sure this isn’t an interference engine?

also, the main crank shaft needs to be set to the index mark. but the directions say to rotate it around twice. this is because it lines up twice during the rotation. BUT the cam shafts will line up only ONCE. they will be 180 out during the other revolution. i doubt that is your problem, since it did run.

but, it is possible that the tensioner loosened up too. you did find the tensioner, and not just pry the belt on correct?

i’d take it back apart and have a look. you should be able to do it quick now!

the water pump was bad.

the good news is it is NOT interference. whew huh?

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