Timing lights... Old school, or new?

Poll on timing lights…

Would you buy a vintage one, or a new one?

I’ve got an old Craftsman, but it doesn’t have the advance dial on it. Debating finding a used one, or buying a new one. I have experienced the “They don’t make them like they used to” too often with tools and other new products.

I’m leaning towards getting one like my old Craftsman, except the higher model that has the advance dial.
It’s going to be used on my Oldsmobile 455…

Get a Sun, with the advance meter.

I have never needed an dial-in advance meter for my light. My Craftsman is accurate and the last car I needed a timing light for had a degreed balancer so just no need. You, too can degree your balancer if you feel the need to check your mechanical and vacuum advance. You can make your own sticker with a label maker and stick it on. You only need go to 40 degrees advanced.

I agree with the above. I’ve timed hundreds of cars and never had the need for a timing light with an advance.

It’s easy enough to add a few timing marks to the balancer, either with chalk, nail polish, tape, or similar.

I would usually eyeball the advance mark. For example, if the advance spec called for 10 degrees at idle and 30 degrees at 2000 rpm, I would look at the distance between TDC and the 10 degree mark, and use that to help gauge where the 30 degree mark should be.

It’s been a while, but I recall it was pretty easy to spot when the advance wasn’t working or if it would stick.

White out was my go to. Lasts a long time. Never used a timing light with advance,

I bought a $20 set at Target about 50 years ago. Burned the timing light out but still have the rest. It’s all I need and have no desire to get a new light.

Can you still find white out?

Yeah they still have it. Mine dried out though. I don’t know if you can still get the colored stuff. I remember watching the secretary making multiple carbon copies in the typewriter with different color paper for the copies. Then made a mistake and pulled out her set of multiple colors of white out to make the correction. Easy peasy now, just back spate space.


Sure I watch forged in fire and they use it for some reason making canisters


I still have a timing light. But haven’t owned a vehicle in over 20 years I can use it on.

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I have two vintage-60’s era Sears (Craftsman) timing lights, both continue to work well. I have occasionally wished I had the advance feature. Like if it clear the timing is advanced but you want to know how much and can’t read the engine dial b/c it is gunked up. So I think your idea to buy a vintage version but with advance is a reasonable idea. No idea regarding the durability and reliability of newer versions.

Whiteout contains Titanium Dioxide, and it can help to keep the canister from welding to the billet. The problem most contestants have with it, is that they don’t let it dry completely before filling the canister.

The only thing I’ve used my timing light on in the past several decades was an old outboard motor.

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