Timing Chains

Does my 2000 Saturn SL2 have an interference engine? Can I drive until my timing chian breaks without dmaging the engine?

gates timing belts show the LS2 V6 engine is the only one with a timing belt. The other Saturns have timing chains. Timing chains are no issue in the sense that they are not on a scheduled replacement cycle; timing belts are. They may stretch or break, but it is unusual to need to replace one.

Thanks! So is the 2000 Saturn SL2 1.9liter DOHC an “INTERFERENCE” engine? If the timing chain goes will it dmage the engine or simply need to be replaced? Thanks again for tthe help.

What Jay said was if you have a LS2 V6 engine you have a timing belt (not a chain) and apparently an interference engine. Few timing chains are on interference engines and it is the interference engines that are subject to serious damage if the belt (or chain) were to break. Chains have a long life and usually start making a lot of noise long before they break.

OK; that makes it clear! I appreciate your help.