Timing chain



if you get a timimg chain replaced last year on a 2000 ford explorer how long should it last?


It should last for the remaining service life of the vehicle.
Timing chains typically last for well over 150k miles unless the driver insists on constant full-throttle acceleration runs.


I agree. If properly installed the timing chain will be there when the vehicle is sent to the crusher.


Timing chains typically last for well over 150k miles unless the driver insists on constant full-throttle acceleration runs.

…or unless the owner fails to change the oil often enough.


jenndog - you have this other post about bank 1 vs bank 2 and then this question.

Why don’t you just write up your whole story about what is going on and then people can just help you sort it out.

Unless, of course, these are truly just random questions for your own knowledge - but I’ll assume not.


Ford really blew it on the early SOHC engines. If i recall correctly they had a recall to replace defective “timing chain casettes”

If you have the SOHC engine do a goggle search on “timing chain + fte”

A chain replaced a year ago will have the new & improved timing chain casette.

When you do the goggle search, click on “here we go Ford over timing chain issue”


because i have many issues… but i left the paperwork at home when i got my engine diagnosed so i just remember some of the stuff but i do know i did get the timing chain replaced and now i need to get it again unfortunately the place i got it fixed the first time the mechanic just passed away and i do not know the warranty on the job because it is not stated on the receipt …should i just go somewhere else to fix it or try to make the other shop to fix it again…my friends tell me to get a new car but i do not want paymets and i have had my car for 10 years and only recently have i been having problems …i love my red hot mama and i only want the best for her…without being so costly


Good point, Whitey!


In case you start thinking about it, the used car market is full of decent cars. It takes some legwork and diligence but the last 3 cars I’ve bought each had about 100K on them and each has been very easy to own and trouble free. (That is where the legwork and diligence comes in). The most I paid was $4000. No - its not an easy chunk of change, but how much have you come up with in repairs. I haven’t had a car payment to make in about 15 years.

Anyway, if you do want to make a list of the issues people can try to help out.


Are you sure it is a timing chain or could it be a belt. (Sorry I don’t recall what Ford Explorers use.)

Timing belts need to be replaced at 100,000 or less, most cars are less. The Chains usually last the life of the car. The Chains tend to get noisy before they go out, so you can just wait for the noise and you will have plenty of time to replace it.


ok so here are the problems:
upper intake gasket leaking
bank#1 and bank #2 lean and misfire codes??
codes #p0171,#p0174,and #p0300
said i needed timing kit
t/ cover gasket set
so my problem is which do i do first or do i jus try to get a new car???
i do love my baby “car” we’ve been through alot…