Timing Chain or Belt

I have a 2007 Madza 5 in researching this vehicle I have found conflicting information as to does it have a timing belt or chain? It getting to be time to replace the belt if it has one. Thanks for any help with this.

Gates lists no belt, so it seems like it uses a chain. Who says it uses a belt?

The Gates book is an excellent source of information.
Another good source is your owners’ manual. If you have a belt, it’ll recommend a change frequency in the included manufacturer’s recommended maitenance schedule. No recommendation = no belt.

If you can’t see plastic on the front end of the engine, you have a chain.

Thanks for the info. I figured it was a chain but I had some question this. So I figured that all the car talk people out there would set me right. Anyway, better safe than sorry if it was a belt and I failed to replace it. Thanks again.