Timing chain or belt? 2002 Celica GT

The title says it all. 2002 Toyota Celica GT; Does it have a timing belt or chain?

Thanks guys.

BTW I did try a search, but I could not seem to pin it down to the year and model.


Gates does not list a timing belt for this car, therefore I must assume it has a timing chain.

Gates is a manufacturer of belts and hoses, and they have a marvelous website with all sorts of information about which car has what. You should check it out.

I’d also ask if the maintenance schedule that came with the owner’s manual mentions anything about a timing belt replacement (I doubt it). I understand it’s not your car, but the owner should be able to look up this information, assuming there is an owner’s manual with the car.



It is a timing belt. The car was in for a coolant leak (190,000 miles) and since it was the water pump, the belt came up. Got it replaced along with the usual wear items.