Timing belt

i just got a answer on replacing the timing belt on my 91 prizm,thanks for the

feedback,one more question,i cant seem to get a hold of the guy i bought it from to ask him if he ever replaced it , if this belt brakes will it harm the engine?

People here usually use the Gates web site to see if a car has an interference engine or not. If it does, that’s the type that gets damaged if the timing belt breaks.

even if your engine is a non-interferance type, the hassle and distress, not to mention possible safety hazards of a timing belt failure in heavy fast traffic are more than enough reason to have it replaced based on time and miles. If your dont know, and cant find out, then think of it the way you think of a gun, it is always loaded, ie, it might lighten your pocket book to change out a belt that does not need to be replaced, but it could mean your life not to change out one that does. your choice though I guess.