Timing Belt


Maintenance Guide from Toyota for my 2001 Camry tells me to replace timing belt at @90k. My dealer tells me 60k (obviously). Who should I believe? Compromise and settle for 75k?


There could be a TSB that changes it to a lower mileage. Someone here with access might be able to help, or check with your library. If you trust the dealer, ask if there is a TSB for a shorter interval.


I forgot to add, do what Toyota says, not the dealer.


There is also a time limit on belts as well. Your’s is 6 years old now, it’s probably due regardless of mileage. Read the owners manual for ** Miles or ** months/years


my 92 says 60,000 but I belive they did go to 90 in future years. However, real issue with you is the age, belts can get dry rot and or fall apart due to age as well and you may be pushing it. If other belts are original you can see what they look like an if they are looking shabby, cracked or frayed you can be pretty sure the timing belt is too. Perhaps other belts were already replaced but age is definitely a factor in addition to miles


My Gates Timing Belt Guide tells me that the 1998-2002 V6 Camry should have the timing belt changed at 90,000 miles. The four cylinder is not listed. But the four cylinder for the Camry Solara is also 90,000 miles for 2001.