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Timing belt

do a 1998 honda accord have a timind belt or chain.

It has a timing belt, and when it snaps, major engine damage will take place if (as with virtually all Hondas) it is an “interference” engine.

If the current timing belt is the original one, it is at least 3 years past the time for replacement. Get it replaced tomorrow, before you wind up with a repair bill of ~$2,000. over and above the cost of the timing belt replacement. It is also adviseable to replace the water pump and the timing belt tensioners at the same time, in order to save additional labor costs later on.

Incidentally, since your maintenance schedule clearly lists timing belt replacement, I have to assume that you have not referred to the maintenance schedule, and that makes me wonder about what other important services have been skipped.

You have not told us how many miles are on the car’s odometer, so rather than specific recommendations, I would suggest that you make a list of the service procedures listed for the major service closest to the car’s current odometer mileage, and have them done a.s.a.p. The major services are at 30k, 60k, 90k, 120k.

If you have skipped other vital procedures in addition to the timing belt, then you really need to bring the car up to date with its maintenance. Among the really important things to take care of are a transmission fluid change and a fuel filter replacement. Ignoring things like this will inevitably lead to almost as much damage as ignoring the timing belt replacement.

Yes, you are correct to worry about the timing belt. The 1998 Honda engine will be expensively damaged when the timing belt teeth strip off, or the belt slips.
The timing belt is past due changing. At 11 years old, the mileage doesn’t really matter. Change it soon (or, sooner).

FYI, in 2003 model year, Honda went to timing chains.

Perhaps in the Accord, but not across the whole car line. My '03 Civic has a timing belt with a recommended 110,000 replacement interval.