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Timing Belt Tears through casing following replacement by shop

Just had timing belt replaced at appropriate 105,000 miles. While driving home from shop, felt vibration from engine, car stalled and stopped. Opened hood, bad smell, smoke and visual of timing belt having sliced through casing right through SUBARU letters behind the fan belts. Shop had it towed back. What should I expect from shop regards repairing belt and any other damage it may have caused? Including rental car in while my car is being fixed.

You should expect them to repair whatever damage was done. As far as a rental is concerned I seriously doubt they will cover any of that.

Okay, thanks

Of course that doesnt mean you cant try to get them to cover rental! Just not likely.

This is one area that the Dealer shines in, you probably would get a rental (paid for by them) if this job was done at a Dealer. I have worked at Dealers that had their own fleets to lend out in these situations.

To our readers, choose the shop well that you let do your timing belt jobs, the job needs a man with prior experience, no learning on customer cars.

Oldschool reminded me about first-timers on timing belts. Comment if you have heard this one before; “I knew it was loose on one side but I thought it would tighten up once I started the engine.” If it isn’t done right it becomes a belt-sander.