Timing belt replacement question

Hello Everyone,

I have a 2007 4L Chrysler Pacifica. Drove the car, made a stop, and did not start again. After checking it turned out that the timing belt was is very bad shape and it “jumped” since there were few teeth missing. I am about to remove the damaged belt and noticed that both markings of the camshafts would align pretty good, when one is prefect center, the other one is about 1/8 of an inch off, but the alignment with the crankshaft is off by maybe an inch… So I have two questions:

  1. what are the chances that I have a bent valve?
  2. Do I just removed the damaged belt and manually move the crankshaft to the mark?

Many thanks

The engine is an interference engine so bent valves is a possibility.

Change the belt and cross your fingers.

Once the old belt is removed, align the marks and install the new belt.


I think you’d notice if you had a bent valve. I’d just align everything back up and put new belt on (probably new tensioner also) and see what happens

Belts usually break before they slip.

I’ve replaced many timing belts because this happened.


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I’m sure you’ve seen a lot more belts then I have, so I have no doubt it’s true…I’ve done a few on vehicles that broke (non interference engines). Never seen the teeth disappear. Just break.

WoW, that is exactly the way my belt looks! A bunch of teeth were damaged together as your picture shows! Well, I put it together, and then late yesterday I was not able to find my serpentine belt!!! So the suspense will continue for a little while…

I will of course post what happens once I get to try. Thanks a bunch for your replies!

Should he change the water pump at the same time?

Look for the belt in the last place you would look instead of the first place. Works for me. Stuff is never in the first place I look.

lol, that would certainly be some dedication to the searching process, if the item was not in the last place you looked!