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Timing Belt Replacement - Acura TL

What’s a safe (as in, don’t wanna risk crunching valves), timing belt replacement for a 2005 Acura TL? i’m at 80K now - my understanding is that Honda/TL V6’s aren’t free-wheeling, i.e., if the belt goes, the valve train jams. Is it an accepted norm that the water pump should be preemptively changed at the same time?

The water pump must be removed to change the belt. All you are paying for is the pump, and it isn’t that expensive. Gates even sells the water pump, timing belt, and belt tensioners as a kit. IIRC, belt replacement for my 2005 Accord V6 is recommended at 105,000 miles. Yours should be the same. Check your maintenance book in the glove box to see when Honda recommends replacement.

Your MID should tell you to replace the belt somewhere between 105,000 and 107,000 miles. Just take it in when the MID lights up.

There is a time limit as well as a mileage limit on the belt. Rubber deteriorates with age. The longest recommended time interval I’ve seen on a Honda belt is 7 or 7.5 years.