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Timing belt replaced, now car is missing & making noise

Help! I had the timing belt/water pump & belts replaced on my '94 miata with 108K. It was missing so mechanic took another look. Said he took the belt off and put it back on 4X (seems like a lot to me). I picked it up, it is still missing - also- I put it into gear, eased off of the clutch and heard a squealing noise! Heard the squeal in reverse and in first gear - I didn’t drive it, left it at shop (garage was closed - is closed until Monday) PLEASE HELP!!! What is going on?

The squealing is probably just a drive belt. That’s just indirectly related to the timing belt.

How badly was it missing??? If a lot then it’s probably the belt.

If the car was running correctly before he worked on it then he should fix it. Sounds like it’s off a tooth. What could be the problem is the mechanic sets the cam and crank to their timing marks then puts the belt on. What also needs to be done is making sure the number of teeth between the timing marks on the belt are also correct. If not then when you add tension to the belt the marks are actually off a tooth or two…thus causing the misfiring.

Thanks! Update: I went to check it out with my friend and he discovered that they broke two bolts off on the cam cover - AND NEVER SAID A WORD!!! I’m taking the car to the local mazda dealership - Whitten Bros. - and having them put her right. The noise when I put it into gear was gone - heard a little bit when I first pulled out - but nothing more after that. Could it have been a belt? Auxillary belts loosened from them taking timing belt off and on 4x? I’m out $467 to these guys! Thanks for your reply - I also put new plugs & tried new wires - still missing…?