Timing belt replaced: now a whine

I just had my timing belt and water pump replaced on Friday. After I got home I noticed a high toned whine coming from the housing where the timing belt is located. I called the auto shop where I had the work done and he said just to monitor it over the weekend. It is now Sunday afternoon and the whine is still there. It reminds me of when a bearing starts going out and you can hear it getting louder and louder until it breaks. What should I do? Take it back in or wait til it breaks or what?

I would be concerned about this and drive it as little as possible until the problem is known because if something breaks you’re going to have some engine damage.
Did they replace the timing belt idlers/tensioners while doing this job? They should have.
A tensioner pulley bearing or an overly tight timing belt can whine.

It’s also possible? this whine could be coming from something external; alternator bearing, accessory belt tensioner, etc.
This could be verified by removing the accessory belts, starting the engine, and noting if the noise still remains. If it does, the problem is inside the timing cover.

The belt has a tensioner. It could have been installed too tightly.