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Honda Timing belt whine

I just had the timing belt, drive(?) belt, water pump, valve cover gasket replaced on my 97 honda accord. I am hearing a whine and think I can smell some burnt rubber. The whine seems to correspond with the throttle. Is there a problem, or does it just need to settle.

There are several possibilities but a new timing belt installed with too much tension will cause a whine. But it seems you should get the work inspected.

I am supposed to head out to visit friends this morning. They are about 300 miles from here. Would it be safe to drive there and back before I have it checked?

It would be difficult to predict that if I were there to hear the whine. I would suggest that you have it inspected by someone knowledgeable before getting too far from home.

Ok. Looks like we’ll miss lunch…hopefully we’ll make dinner! Thanks for your help.