Timing Belt Replaced--Check Engine Light Afterwards

I had my timing belt changed for my 2001 Honda Civic on Friday at 110K miles. Before I took the car into the shop, there were no problems. Ten minutes after driving away, the check engine light came on, and the car had trouble running and starting later in the day. I took it back to the shop that replaced the timing belt (& water pump, and other belts) on Monday, and they said that the code indicated a malfuncton with the crankshaft timing sensor, which needed to be replaced to the tune of about $300 for parts & labor. They said the timing of the light coming on was coincidental to the timing belt change, but I was skeptical. I took it to another shop, and they say that the timing belt change was probably done improperly. My first question is regarding the coincidence of the sensor problem and the timing belt change–does the first shop just have bad luck or do bad work? Second, if the first shop did screw up, what should I do?

First I suggest you get the actual code, not their interpretation of what the code means. It should be something in the format (P0123)

Note: I believe this Topic area is for second guessing the advice given on the radio show. You may want to post the question in the other area.

They put the belt in wrong and the timing is off. If the sensor was bad it wouldn’t have started. This is just no fault auto repair.